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Brand goals

I want to be as transparent as possible with Pariah Clan. Ultimately, I want a self sufficient brand that can facilitate my training, lifestyle and in the long run give work to parkourists in the community.

I want to help preserve my culture and give back to the parkour and outside community as much as possible through content, clothing, events, coaching, workshops and jobs for local and international parkourists. I will start off with tees that will serve as canvases for my designs, as the brand grows I want to expand and release full lines with multiple pieces (not just tees) with sustainable and ethically sourced materials.  


I am Jai Battrick and I have been training parkour for about 16yrs and martial arts for 22yrs. I have travelled the world training parkour and along the way I have trained with many of the biggest names within the community.







Alongside Storrors brute Callum Powell I run a successful parkour coaching company that holds classes around our home city of Brighton. I have had an interest in fashion since I was a teen ager and have always cut, sewed and drawn on clothes to make them the ideal fit or design for the look I'm going for.

why start a streetwear brand?

Growing up I developed an interest in parkour. It consumed most of my teen and adult years, living the life of a parkourist and training became a hobby and an addiction that I was passionate about. 


I found that parkour and streetwear go hand in hand because as a parkourist you are constantly on the streets hanging out, looking for challenges, scouting for roofs and training, our clothing is like our isn't going to stop you snapping your leg but it will have an effect as to how people interact with you socially, a social armour if you will. As people who subscribe to a street culture we are always in our streetwear and so it should be accommodating to a variety of situations whether that be chilling at home, training or hanging out with mates.


I want to be apart of the wave of parkour streetwear brands that contribute to solidifying parkour as not just a sport one does on a purely individualistic bases but as a subculture that people are proud to be a part of. 


The word Pariah is an ancient word that is usually used negatively, literally meaning 'social outcast'. It is often given to people of low cast who do not meet the expectations of the society they live in.

To me the word 'PARIAH' resembles a lifestyle in which people take risks and live outside their comfort zone, a 'PARIAH' is someone who isn't content with mundanity.

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